These terms are here for both yours and my protection.
If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me.


Members signatures

All tags must be linked back to
Blank tags must never be removed from the members area for any purpose.
All tags are for YOUR personal use only.
You must not cut up my signatures or remove parts of them to use in your own graphics.
None of my graphics are to be used for the creation of outlines, tubes, brushes etc

Linkware and Freebies

Nothing is to be used for monetry gain or commercial use.
Whatever you use regardless of it being free or linkware
still needs to be linked back to me at the url below ONLY

Your site must be free of any hate, pornography and racial discrimination.
None of my finished graphics may be used in printing, or for craft projects etc.
Please never claim my graphics as being your own.
You are not allowed to alter or share any of my graphics in any way.

Membership Area Terms

There is NO AS IS USE for anything from Julies Pixels

When you apply to join my membership areas you are agreeing to my terms of use
whether you have read them or not so it is in your best interest to read them.

You must have a membership logo on your site within 1 week of your membership approval.
Failure to do so will cause your membership to be disabled until it is done.
Once your password and login have been sent there will be no refunds
due to all content being digital in nature.
Breaking my terms will result in me revoking your membership with no refund being given.
Any instance of violation will be treated individually as mistakes do happen.
Revoking a membership is only as a last resort.
If I cancel your membership due to your inability to abide by my terms of use
you no longer have permission to use anything you obtained from my membership area.

You must NEVER share your membership login and password with anyone.
Doing so will cause immediate cancellation of your account.
Proxy IP's are not allowed.
If you don't know what they are then the chances of you using one is slim.
Dynamic Ip's are fine but will be checked when you first log in.
This is to prevent PW sharing.

Once your membership expires you are still required to link back to my site at with my banner in order to use any of my graphics.
YES you can use what you make from my lines and tubes for real money.
Lineart and tubes must not be altered unless you have express written permission from me.

No tubing, propping, creating brushes, tutorials
or filters allowed from anything on my site without purchasing the correct license.

You may not take any of my completed graphics and use or share them anywhere in any way shape or form.
This includes and is not limited to forums, websites, facebook, mail groups etc..

Lineart must be coloured and bases must be clothed.
Never offer my lineart or bases anywhere for any reason in its original form.

Updates are added as and when I can.
This may be daily, weekly, monthly whenever real life allows.
There is plenty within the membership area to keep you busy.
When you join you are paying for the current content. Updates are an added bonus :)

If it doesn't say above that you can then please take it that you can't
If in doubt about anything then please email me so as not to risk breaking my terms.

I reserve the right to alter or add to these terms as and when required.